The setup of an event is an integral part of the event’s success.  This guide lists the various styles of conference room setups.  The objective of your meeting will determine the style of setup you select.

theatreTheatre Style also known as Auditorium

Theatre style is an equal number of chairs in rows and columns facing the front of the room generally with a centre aisle and two side aisles to ensure easy access for delegates.

Classroom Style


Classroom style is utilizing rows of tables with chairs facing the front of the room therefore providing a writing space for each delegate. Generally trestle tables are used and accommodate either 3-4 delegates per table depending on the size of the table.

Classroom style can also be placed in herringbone shape which is simply placing the tables on an angle facing the front of the room.

banquetBanquet Style

Banquet style is a group of round tables with chairs evenly spaced around each table. Banquet style is set to facilitate serving food and generally set for 6-10 delegates depending on the size of the round tables.

Cabaret Style

Similar to banquet style, however, the round tables only have chairs placed half way around them therefore allowing all delegates to have a clear view to the front of the room.


U-shape is a series of tables set in the shape of the letter U, with the open end facing the front of the room.
Chairs are placed around the outside perimeter of the U.


A large table or a cluster of tables and chairs. Recommended when group discussion is the primary goal.

hollow-squareHollow Square

Like the boardroom style, tables are arranged in a rectangle or square leaving the centre open. Chairs are placed around the outside of the rectangle or square.